Once you have someone working at your site and their working hours have been entered for a full week we start processing the payments.

WK 1: Start and stop times are entered for all workers. This should be entered at the time the worker arrives and leaves the site for each shift. This generates a real time timesheet for the worker and allows for any queries to be raised in a timely fashion. All workers will submit their shifts for approval, or they will automatically be submitted by DX (24 hours after your working week) – ready for approval. These shifts can be found under the 'Finance' tab in 'shifts to be approved'.

A list of unapproved shifts will appear with the relevant details. To approve the shifts select the tick box to the left of the worker's name then select 'approve' found at the top of this list. To approve all the shifts select the tick box above the listed shifts, which will select all and click 'approve'.

WK 2: Approve submitted shifts (dealing with any raised queries ), DX will automatically approve any unapproved shifts after 48 hours of the week ending, at this point worker's invoices will be created. Once the shifts are approved a purchase order (PO) number is required.

To enter the PO number select the 'Finance' tab and click on 'statements' in the drop down menu.

All existing and current statements will be listed under this page. Select the relevant week, this will expand to give a summary of the payment details. Below this summary you will see the PO number details. If there is a blank white box, this means the PO still needs to be entered. Once you have entered the number click 'save'. If a PO has already been entered then you will see the entered number.

A reminder to enter the PO will be sent once all the timesheets have been invoiced. If you do not use purchase order numbers then any reference will be accepted – something you may want to use for your records eg DX Payment WK1. Only once a PO number is entered will a statement be generated and sent.

The Statement is a collation of invoices for workers working at your site and payments to DX (75p charge and SMS charges). We send a statement to summarise the overall payment required for simplicity, rather than sending multiple invoices for ourselves and on behalf of the workers. This also means you only need to pay the statement total to one account. The invoices are outlined in the statement. The invoices for DX and workers can be dowloaded as a zip file should you need them for your records. This can be found under the finance tab in statements. Again click on the relevant week and select 'Download invoices' above the payment summary.

WK 3: If you have set up your shift template  on a one week term basis then a payment is required the week following the statement creation date.

WK 4: If you have set up your template on a two week term basis than a payment is required two weeks after the statement creation date.

*The statement will advise the day payment is required for clarification.

Please Note: We require payment from you to pay workers wages. Missing payments are not subsidised, so if we have not received payment we can’t pass payment to your workers.

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