Book an Assessment

If your site requires workers to be assessed before being able to work, then you will receive assessment requests in your Inbox.

There are two ways to book workers onto assessments. Directly from the inbox, you can click on the book assessment button this will open the view below. Enter the time and date of the available assessment and the worker will receive a notification that this has been booked. You can leave a short message for them to receive with this booking.

The alternative way to book workers on to assessments, and to keep track of bookings and overall progress is by clicking on 'Assessments' under the Plan tab in the top navigation bar.

This will open the assessment screen, which shows you a calendar of 4 weeks. At the top right hand corner of the screen you can select ‘+ Book an assessment’ or alternatively you can select the day you wish the assessment to be created and click on the + in the right hand corner of the calendar.

Selecting either of these options will lead to a separate 'book an assessment' window. Here you need to;

  1. Search and select the name of the worker being booked

  2. The option to select the shift template they are being assessed to work on (eg class 1 or class 2)

  3. Choose the date and the time

Again you can send a short message to a worker if any additional information needs to be relayed to them. Once the worker is booked their name will appear on the calendar in blue with the time of the assessment.

On the assessment screen you can also manage booked assessments and their progress. Their name will appear on the calendar highlighted in blue representing a booked assessment. When you select the workers name an ‘update assessment record’ window will appear. Here you can update whether the assessment was passed, failed, cancelled or not attended. Once these are updated they become colour coded for visual representation, keeping these updated will make all users aware of someone’s status with a site.

Please note: If a worker requires an assessment to work at your site their records need to have a pass recorded on their profile to be able to book onto shifts.

I am already assessed

There can be circumstances where a worker has already been assessed or worked at your site before. When this is the case, as you receive assessment requests you also receive ‘I am assessed’ notifications.

If you recognise this worker or have a record of their assessment and are happy for them to work at the site then you can create an assessment record. This will validate their profile and allow them to book onto shifts.

You can also reply to the workers with your appropriate response (eg. need to be reassessed, ask for more details such as date).

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