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Planning Shifts
Add a booking or create a shift (onsite only)
Add a booking or create a shift (onsite only)

Ready to plan your workers? Here's how to book your shifts.

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The shift allocation screen allows you to allocate shifts to your workers, you can find this page under the Plan section in the menu bar at the top of your screen. 

Please see the image below with reference numbers and relevant descriptions. 

1. Here are the rate templates you have set up for your site - you will see the number of workers linked to each template in brackets. If the template is ticked all workers  linked to that template will appear on the planning list, if you untick this box, their names will be removed (this can help filter the workers whilst you're planning).

2. If you have multiple templates selected you can use this drop downbox to choose the template (rates and type of work)  you would like to add shifts for, all workers who are eligible (linked to the template) will be in white - those you can't plan will be in grey. 

3. Each column represents the day of the week with the date - today's date will be in orange. You can use the single and double arrows to move across the calendar. 

4. Each row is a worker, you can see the worker's name on the right-hand side. You can create shifts individually per worker as well as set up the worker's availability from the shift hopper menu. This can be accessed by clicking within a cell under a specific date.

When you select the 'Create new shift' option you will see this pop-up window where you can choose how many shifts you would like to create for this specific worker as well as add the expected stop and job number (optional):

You can change the mode to create multiple shifts for many workers from here as well, just select 'Create multiple shifts' in the bottom right corner and you will see the screen below. You can either create shifts with different start times (expected stop and duty numbers) or you can create identical shifts for multiple workers:

The worker will be notified of the booking by SMS and e-mail immediately or once the shifts have been published if this is a feature you have requested. 

5. You can add multiple start times by selecting the "+" button above the date.  You can paste times from a spreadsheet here. When you select the blue create shift link now a dropdown box, with the pre-allocated times that were pasted, will appear. Select the appropriate time and the list of unallocated shifts will update as you make bookings. You can check the number of unallocated shifts in the box above the date or in the unallocated shifts tab.  

6. Alternatively, you can book multiple workers onto the same start time eg if you have 10 workers starting at 06:00, you can use the tick boxes just to the left of their name to select their names, then click "create shift" or the "+" button and add the planned start time. All those selected will be booked onto the same start time.

7. You have the option to download the bookings on a spreadsheet by clicking the "Download CSV" button.

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