Recording hours in batch

Add your start and stop times or total shift hours in bulk

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Time and attendance can be recorded in bulk in the batch edit start/stop times screen. Here you can:

- Add a start and stop time for selected workers
- Set the shift duration eg 12 hour shift
- Override existing times entered

  1. Navigate to the Attendance > Batch edit start/ stop times > timesheets

  2. Select the workers you would like record time and attendance for using the tick boxes

  3. Click the Set start/stop times button

  4. You can choose to add a start time or use the shift planned shift time 

  5. Then add the shift end time, or use the average shift length set up in the shift template 

  6. If your preferences are set to record hours in duration rather than start and stop times, you can enter the shift duration instead of a stop time

  7. All shifts for the selected workers will have these times/hours applied 

  8. You can override existing entered hours using the "change current time" tick box, otherwise existing times will remain as they are

  9. Before changes are saved you can clear the entered times if you have made an error by clicking the 'Clear unsaved start/stop times' button

  10. Make sure you save the changes 

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