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How do I see my Invoice on JoinedUp
How do I see my Invoice on JoinedUp

Ltd. Company workers can get their invoice from JoinedUp

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JoinedUp can generate VAT (if applicable) invoices for workers registered as Limited Companies.

Self-Billing Agreement
The worker's consent is required for the system to generate the invoice on their behalf.
This is done by ticking the box to accept the Self-Billing agreement.

The agreement is valid for 1 year and will allow your employer to generate the invoices for your services on your behalf using JoinedUp. When the agreement expires after the year it will need to be renewed by ticking the box again.

The Invoices

To find the invoice you need to go to your Timesheets and click into the week you'd like to see the invoice for. You can download the invoice in a pdf format or a breakdown or your hours in that week in the form of a spreadsheet table.

Please note: the invoices are only available for Ltd. company workers.
​Payslips for PAYE workers are not generated or distributed through JoinedUp.

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