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Uploading shift adjustments
Uploading shift adjustments

How to use the adjustment uploader for missed pay, deductions or bonuses

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JoinedUp has the ability to be able to upload adjustments in bulk, using our "Shift adjustments uploader".

You'll find this on the Attendance > Spreadsheet Upload screen.

From there, click "Import csv files" and then use the appropriate file format from the dropdown. In this case, it's "Shift adjustments uploader".

If you don't have this option on your dropdown but would like to upload adjustments in bulk, please speak to your Customer Success Manager.

Finding the data

Each uploader has it's own specific format. You can find this by clicking "Download Template (CSV)".

This will give you the template you should use for the shift adjustments uploader. If you want to do this manually, you can then find this data on the system and fill out the template.

Alternatively, you can go to Reports > Custom reports and look for a report named "Agency name - Bonus / Adjustment uploader". If you don't have this report, please speak to your Customer Success Manager.

This report has been created to pull all the data you need, excluding the columns related to the adjustments. Download this report for the relevant week, site and client - and the template will be automatically filled out for you.

NOTE: This report ONLY shows shifts with HOURS ENTERED. If there are no hours, the shift will not show up on this report.

How to fill in the missing columns


Choose from one of these options:


    • When you need to adjust for missed hours, not overtime. Make sure you fill out the 'Missed Pay Hours' column when using this type.


    • When you need to adjust for missed overtime hours. Make sure you fill out the 'Missed Pay Hours' column when using this type.


    • When you need to add a shift bonus.


    • This can be used for any other adjustments, for example for any deductions.

NOTE: Make sure you enter them exactly as above, in capitals with underscores.


This is an open field for the description of the adjustment, to make it easier for you and your colleagues to understand. It can be as simple or complex as you require.

Missed Pay Hours

If using MISSED_PAY_BASIC or MISSED_PAY_OT, you can enter the number of hours missed here. This will calculate the total charge and pay by multiplying by the charge and pay columns.

NOTE: Make sure to leave this empty if using SHIFT_BONUS or OTHER.

Charge / Pay

The charge and pay columns are where you enter the numerical values for the adjustment. If using SHIFT_BONUS or OTHER, enter the total amount. If using MISSED_PAY with the Missed Pay Hours column, just enter the hourly rate.

For example:

If you get your adjustments weekly, you can also leave just one line for each worker and add the total value there. This will attach the weekly adjustment value against one shift worked that week.

For example:

If there's workers on the report who don't have adjustments that week, just delete them before uploading.

How to Upload

Make sure you save your report in a csv format before trying to upload. Then go to the Spreadsheet upload screen and choose "Shift adjustments uploader" (as above).

If you've done everything correctly, when you upload it will give you this screen.

It will say "X out of X lines were processed successfully".

And the status on the far right of the line will show as 'Valid' in green.

You can then click "Create X items" and it will automatically create all your adjustments.

You'll get a message that the row(s) have been created successfully.

And you'll be able to see the adjustment in your Finance screen.

Or in the shift details screen.


You might get an error message when you try to upload the spreadsheet. Check below to see if you can fix them, and if not please email

Incorrect Type

This is because the 'Type' column is not correct. Make sure you're using one of these options, and that they're in capitals with the underscores:





Incorrect Worker or Shift ID

If you're using the Custom report, this error shouldn't appear - but if it does, double check both the worker ID and the shift ID. Make sure that they're correct, and that that worker is allocated to that shift.

Submitted or Approved Shift

You can't add adjustments to shifts that have already been submitted or approved. If you get either of these error messages, un-approve and/or un-submit the shift on the Finance screens.

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