Batch allocation limit

Maximum limit added for allocating workers in batches

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We've recently made improvements to the batch allocation functionality and introduced a limit of 300 shifts to be created and allocated in one go. This operation of allocating 300 shifts will now take approx. 40-50 seconds max. We've added the limit to the number of shifts that can be allocated in batch, so it can be done in a shorter time.

This applies to the On-Site allocation screen when you're creating shifts with workers already allocated.

Once you've selected the workers and shifts to allocate, you can click out of the pop up and the job will still run in the background. Please note that once the job has been started it can't be cancelled and will run in the background until the job is completed.

We now show the number of shifts being created at one time:

Please note: We also show this in the Branch allocation when allocating shifts to one worker.

The limit is 300 shifts at a time, and if more are selected to be created then the 'Create Shifts' button will show. In order to activate it and create your shifts, please make sure that the total number is 300 shifts or fewer.

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