Overriding shift template rates

How to override the rates in the shift template on the Branch screen

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There may be occasions where a different rate is required than those which are entered on the shift template. It could be an incentive for a specific worker, or a shift that's particularly hard to fill. In this situation, it's possible to override the rates using the Branch screen.

Step 1: Go to the Plan > Shift allocation (Branch) screen and select the relevant branch.

Step 2: Click on the tile of the relevant worker and day. Click "Allocate".

Note, the shift needs to be already created and ready to allocate.

Step 3: Select the shift you want to allocate them to.

Step 4: You'll see in the top left hand corner the charge and pay rates.

You can click into these and manually type in the new rate. Below you'll see the "Default: £xx.xx" is the original rate on the shift template.

Note: if you don't have this option, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Step 5: Once you have the correct new rate, click "Allocate". You've now successfully overridden the shift template rate.

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