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Changing a worker's e-mail address
Changing a worker's e-mail address

How to change the e-mail address of an agency worker

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Workers can change their own e-mail address in their profile settings when logged in to their JoinedUp account. You can send the below article to help them do this:

As an agency user, you can also change email addresses of the workers managed by your agency. Go to the Workers > 'Managed Workers' tab and type in the relevant worker's name in the search bar.

Click on the row related to the worker, and this will expand to show you more information about the worker. Click on the workers name to go into their full profile

Under the personal information section of the profile (which is the screen which automatically opens), scroll down to the 'Contact details' and click on the 'change email address' link. You can also click on the change e-mail tab on the left hand menu. 

Type the new e-mail address in and click on 'Change email'

The worker will then receive a confirmation e-mail from to the new email address. They will need to click the link in this e-mail to confirm the new address. At this point the new e-mail will be saved on their profile. 

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