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Setting up a new partner agency
Setting up a new partner agency

How to add a new partner agency from the Workers tab

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You've just started working with a new partner agency - but how to set them up on JoinedUp?

Simply go to the Managed workers screen in the Workers tab, and scroll down until you see the Partner agency filter.

Click 'Create new partner' and add the necessary information. The Invite email is used to invite a new partner agency user to set up their profile, and the Finance email is used to send weekly financial reports.

To edit the details of an existing partner agency, select the correct partner agency in the filters and click 'Edit'. From here you can change the name, finance email, phone number, and supplier reference. You can also archive the partner agency by clicking the red 'Archive partner agency' button.

To start sharing shifts with your new partner agency, please contact or use our live chat to request that the partner agency be linked to the correct sites.

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