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Setting up a site so workers can sign in and out using facial recognition

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JoinedUp's on-site tablet app is a convenient way to check workers in and out of shifts. Here's how to set up facial recognition at one of your sites.

Setting up the tablet app

Step 1: Determine whether the Wi-Fi is strong enough at each location or whether SIM
cards will be required to enable network connection to the tablet. We recommend trying both at first.
Step 2: Determine the entrance area where tablets will be set up, decide how many tablets will be required, and install any necessary anti-theft wall brackets or booths. Facial detection on camera is extremely sensitive; background faces will also be detected. A booth or cordoned off area with a plain white background is preferable. Where you expect many workers to turn up at the same time, use multiple tablets. Each sign in/sign out usually takes around 3 seconds once the system is properly set up.
Step 3: Follow your tablet's screen pinning guidance to ensure the program is secure and workers cannot exit the T&A screen.
Step 4: Log in to our portal using your JoinedUp login details and select the relevant site from the drop-down selection. The tablet security PIN will be required to exit this screen after screen pinning setup.

Step 5: Determine whether you would like the app to be touch or contactless in settings.

Step 6: Depending on the model of tablet, you may need to access the settings to ensure that sleep mode is turned off to ensure that the tablet stays on during the course of the day.

Troubleshooting during set up

The system may run a little slower than expected initially, but after the first 4 workers
have signed in successfully, the process will naturally speed up (dependant on the
strength of the network).

If a worker is not recognised after their first 3 attempts, the quality of the photo may
not be good enough – please ensure that parts of the face have not been cut off in the editing process, and that the quality of the image is acceptable.

Setting up facial recognition on JoinedUp

Step 1: You will need each worker’s profile picture to match the following specifications for the software to recognise faces accurately and consistently. These photos need to be uploaded to each worker’s profile in advance of them signing in for the first time. There are two fields where you can upload a photo – the first will be the worker's profile photo, and the second field, “Photo for facial recognition”, is what we will use to identify the worker when they sign in and out of the tablet.

- Coloured photo (passport size headshot)
- High resolution quality
- Eyes open
- No filters applied
- Clear facial features with no restrictions e.g., hats/dark
sunglasses or reflective eyeglasses
- Uploaded as a portrait, not landscape, image

Step 2: Ensure your site is properly set up ready to accept workers starting their shifts using the tablet app.

- Make sure the site is set up in the Clients tab
- Check that the templates/job cards have the option 'Allow worker to enter attendance via JoinedUp on-site tablet app' selected in advanced settings
- Link the workers to the correct templates
- Assign workers to the correct shifts

Note: in the short term, please allow a 24-48hrs delay between bulk uploading profile photos and starting to use the tablet app. This is for the software to create the index of each worker for facial recognition.

How workers check in using facial recognition

In the touch version, when the worker clicks on the start button the front-facing camera screen will appear on the tablet, with the position for their face clearly marked. The worker then taps “Take photo”.

In the contactless version, the camera is on continuously and the worker simply needs to step in front of the camera. A photo will be taken when a face is recognised for 3 seconds.

Once the photo has been taken, the system will match the most prominent face in the photo to a profile picture on the system where a shift has been planned for that time.

If there is a relevant shift and photo matched for the worker, the green success message will show:

Tip: workers can check in up to an hour before and after the booked start time of their shift.

A message will appear to show that the shift start time has been successfully submitted, ready for the next worker.

When the worker is ready to end their shift, the same process applies. When the worker takes their picture this time, the system recognises that the shift has started, and gives the response to enter the stop time for the shift. Once the ‘Stop’ button is tapped, the process is complete, and the next worker can have their turn.

If there is no shift allocated to this worker, once the worker has taken their photo the error message below will appear:

If no photo match is found for this worker, once the worker has taken their photo the error message below will appear:

If any of these error messages occur, workers will be encouraged to ask for assistance.

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