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How to create an order template using the MSP functionality

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An order template is similar to a shift template, but it allows you to share out shifts to your suppliers by linking each agency to the template. It contains details of the rates and rate rules, and can be linked to each agency that supplies to you.

Please note: if you can't see this option in the Shift templates screen please contact your Customer Success Manager and they will set this up for you.

To create an order template, go to Plan>Shift templates. This will show you all the shift templates and order templates that currently exist on a site-by-site basis.

Then select whichever site you want to add the order template for (eg Bristol).

Once you've selected the right site, click 'Create a shift template':

From there, a window will pop up allowing you to choose between creating a shift template and creating an order template. Select order template. (NOTE: if you can't see the option to create an order template, this functionality will need to be turned on by your Customer Success Manager. Please contact them before proceeding).

Once you've created the order template, you can add some basic details of the work required in Template settings:

Then scroll down and click 'Link first agency' to start setting the order templates up for the individual agencies supplying your MSP.

Select the agency you want to link it to from the dropdown here:

You can then choose whether you want to create a new shift template or clone an existing one. If you create a new one you'll need to fill in all the existing details from scratch. If you choose to clone an existing template, you can select which template to clone by selecting the organisation, the site, and the template.

Once you've linked the agency to the order template, you'll be able to edit all the details like rates, typical shift length, applicant requirements, and more. You can edit this like a normal shift template: to learn how to do that please see here.

Once the template is all set up, you'll see it in the main Shift templates page for that site. If you click on the order template, you'll see all the agencies linked to that order template. To clone it click 'Clone'; to delete it click 'Delete'; and to link it to a new agency click 'Edit'.

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