Messaging workers by location

How to message workers using the map in the Workers tab

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If you'd like to email all workers in a certain area, it's easy to do so by using our Map feature. This will allow you to bulk-email workers, filtering by location, branch, worker type, and other factors.

All you need to do is navigate to the Managed workers screen, under the Workers tab. You can then filter your selection by using the menus on the left hand side, or even using Advanced search to search by fields such as age or student status.

Once you've filtered as you'd like, you can scroll up and select 'Map' from the menu at the top left.

From here, just click 'Toggle selection circle'. You can resize the circle and move it around to select different groups of workers. You can remove workers from the selection individually by scrolling down and clicking 'Remove' next to their names. Once you're happy with your selection, you can click 'Add to selection', which will also show the number of workers you have chosen.

From here you can scroll down and write the email you want to send. You can even include attachments!

Just preview the email and send when you're ready. You can also message workers via JoinedUp, and from some agencies you can send them an SMS.

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